model 3, finally.

i messaged the first mass-market car for a company that’s only (ever) sold luxury.
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there are SUVs and then there's model x.

from the falcon wing doors to the 7 seat configuration, every design and engineering detail in model x was so thoughtful. my job here was to show and tell that to the world.
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model s, simple and sexy.

it's a unique challenge, describing a car that speaks for itself. most of my storytelling here was uncovering the badass electric car that model s already is.
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the quickest car in the world.

how to tell the very first story of roadster online: distill technical supercar stats into a few short, powerful sentences.
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fun, describing the first all-electric truck.

another first-time-ever scenario. the key to this story was communicating safety and performance benefits to an audience who might not understand average semi truck stats.
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[copy: homepage / a couple product descriptions]

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a new narrative on charging.

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the configurators.

[copy: full online ordering experience for model s, model x, and model 3]  [copy: full page...including that headline ;)]
[copy: full page...including that headline ;)]

powerwall ipad display, designed for the LA auto show
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well, that was some of it. here’s the full list:


Model S

Model X

Model 3





Tesla app

Online order flows

Trip planner

Supercharger payment

Lead generation


Global newsletter

Regional newsletter

Delivery series

Referral program

Test drive invitations

Owner events

Store openings

Supercharger openings

Model 3 order invitations

Policy communication for North America


Wall posters

iPad screens

Global mall displays

Auto show displays


Model S/X/3 support

Version 9 software

Pre-delivery guides


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Sprite Cherry-02.png
Stay Chilled.png
Game Day-01.png