you’re heeeere!

that's awesome.


i'm lindsey kennedy, a creative writer with (really) crazy dreams.

day to day, i see beauty and feel rhythm in everything around me: new people i meet, places i go, and even the most ordinary things. sometimes it’s a conversation with a stranger, others it’s the reflection of light and rain across a car window; i always feel something. and so, as a writer, i'm forever finding new ways to carry the inspiration and emotion around me into untold stories.

it's how i make sense of this world.

on a formal note, i learned how to write by way of classic literature at oxford. since then, i’ve had various marketing jobs in london, boston, cape town and san francisco—where i finished my first fiction novel.

now i’m in new york city, where i make things up and write them down in offices, coffee shops, on street corners, the subway, at bars, and also in my bed.

check out some of my recent work as head writer at tesla, OR order a copy of my book and i’ll <3 u forever.